Say Goodbye To Stinky Collars – An Autumn Must Have

stinky dog collar cover

If you talk to any dog owner and ask what is possibly the worse smell their dog can muster they will say it’s the grubby wet dog smell. Something we all know about, especially on Autumn days which are wet and muddy. Stinky dogs, stinky collars….ugh!

That wet dog smell, that really funky kind come from yeast and bacteria that takes up residence in your dog’s fur. Those smell molecules called organic acids stink up even more when wet. Moisture on your dog’s fur dissolves the acids, and a potent, nasty odor is released as the water evaporates.

Its the floating bits of fungi and bacteria shooting into your nose. It’s also rubbing and embedding into your pup’s collar too. Making one sticky package at the end of your lead.

Now we all have our methods of cleaning up our dogs and eliminating that funky order when we return home after a wet and muddy walk. Some of us throw Fido straight in a soapy bath, spray with a dog deodorizing spritzer or even head to our local groomer for a wash and comb out.


What about the Stinky collars?

Collars tend to harbor smelly bacteria, and bacteria isn’t the only thing you’ll find! Collars can also be home to fungus, dirt, germs, and parasites which can all find a home in the comfy weave of a collar. Thus what you get is stinky collars!

Well you can scrub the collar with a toothbrush or similar type of brush until clean or even throw in the wash. But a better solution would be  choosing a collar that won’t absorb the things that smell. Woofmasta newest easy clean collar addition from Harry Hall, that come in groovy neon pink or green is an odor-free, bacteria-resistant, easy to clean dream.

It’s an adjustable collar made from special material that does not absorb water, dirt, hair or smells. It’s a snap to to clean and quick to dry. This collar is an absolute must for the active dog or a social one who likes to be out and about in our UK weather. Featuring stainless steel fittings and a reflective screen print for added safety. Dapper dogs would also love the matching lead.

We tried it out

stinky dog collar maggie

Considering everyone always thinks Maggie is a boy, I couldn’t wait to put on the hot pink collar on her and use the matching lead this past weekend. We were off to a local event called  Scene on the Green. An event celebrating everything sixties at our local. I thought the retro feel of the collar and lead would fit in perfectly.

Well we are really glad that we decide to try Woofmasta’s collar due to the sky open up and started raining cats and dogs. Our Scene on the green ended up being a large and wet puddle.

However it didn’t stop Maggie. There still was the smell of the BBQ and treats were flying all over the place. Maggie as usual was her social wagging self and had to make sure that she met everyone, especially anyone who was balancing a plate full of food. She also played with a few dogs and even decided to have a roll in the grass.

At the end of the day, I had a wet but very tired beagle. However our hot pink collar and lead were dry and looked brand new.

stinky collars lead

Beagle thought…

I have to say I loved, loved the bring pink collar and lead set. It’s bright, cheerful and fun. The lead is so lightweight, but strong at the same time. The hardware is also very robust. The adjustable collar and lead’s special material does not absorb water, dirt, hair, or smells. But the best part, it was stylish and fresh smelling, even after a day in the rainy Wimbledon commons.



great quality

super easy to clean and keep dry and fresh


stinky collars maggie


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