Seaweed For Dogs Gift Box Giveaway

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Seaweed For Dogs was kind enough to send us a package of their Canident Meat Treats to try out and being the beagle that I am, I was wag n’ ready to give them a try to see how tasty they could be as a treat. Did you know that Canident Meat Treats are the only treat on the market made with a mixture of Irish grass-fed beef liver, heart and kidney.


Now I have to admit, I was not familiar with Seaweed For Dogs and decided that I should check them out.


About Seaweed For Dogs

First of all Seaweed For Dogs are owned by dedicated dog owners who wanted to keep their furry friends in tip-top shape. With aesthetic issues like dirty teeth often leading to other serious health issues, they started a company in 2012 to supply natural solutions to dogs health problems.

Not wanting to use chemical solutions or have to visit the vet on a regular basis, we wanted to use only natural solutions so as to avoid the overuse of antibiotics and anesthetic.

They spent several years searching and researching, and found out about the wonderful benefits of seaweeds and the incredible positive effects they can have. To bring these seaweed products to market they worked with marine scientists and a canine nutritionist to bring out their first products Kelp and immunaBoosta.

Seaweed For Dogs was born. Once interest started coming in for their own products they started stocking excellent products from Ireland, such as Canident for healthy dogs teeth, Oculus Prime for weeping eyes and Biofunction8 for gut health.
They are a locally sourced from companies using local ingredients. They aim to supply these natural dog health products to as many dog owners as possible. Offering a money back guarantee for any customer not happy with the products they are sure you will be more than happy with the benefits their products bring! Look after your dogs health naturally and save yourself money in the long run. Irish owned and Irish operated they also ship worldwide too.

My Thoughts

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They’re good, I mean really good enough that when the bag is open I’m already doing my little beagle dance. It’s good to know that they are good for me too! They contain no cheap filller, chemicals or cereal. They are dessicated meaning they are preserved by removing the heat, by being slowly dehydrated.

My peep liked the blend of seaweeds in Canident meat treats which can help reduce the bacteria that cause plaque build-up. It also contains anti-inflammatory molecules that can help to reduce the inflammation in a dogs mouth and system. Canident helps to loosen tartar enabling it to be easily removed by the simple chewing of a nice, fresh bone.

A fresh mouth, means fresh breath, which means more beagle kisses!

Control Weeping Eyes Naturally with Oculus

seaweed for dogs eyesI just hate having weeping eyes and my peep is always trying to wipe them away. Oculus Prime is a unique blend of Irish seaweeds that helps reduce the inflammation in a dog’s body that can lead to weeping eyes. Just add it to you dog’s dinner no ill effects to the dog’s health; in fact the complete opposite.

Clean Dogs Teeth Naturally

Clean your dogs teeth naturally, and easily, with Canident. Completely natural and chemical seaweed for dogs teethfree, Canident contains only brown seaweeds from the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Just add it to your dog’s dinner and it works through your dogs saliva keeping your dog healthy from within.

Canident loosens tartar and prevents plaque forming. By preventing calculus, gum inflammation, periodontal disease and bad dogs breath, you should stop the strain on the immune system that an unhealthy mouth can cause.

Enter to win

One lucky dog winner will receive from company a gift bundle of their most popular products. (retail value up to £50)

How can you win? Easy as a dog’s tail wag! Easy peasy! Also you can get extra entries by using the Gleam form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 31st of December 2017

Who can enter?: Anyone who is a resident of the UK and over 18

One winner will be drawn at random.

Gather your treat loving dogs, friends & family Spread the word and give a howl. One entry per person.

Seaweed For Dogs Gift Box Giveaway

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