Groomer Approved Dog Towel Review-The Absorber

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As we settle into Autumn with winter just around the corner, we all know just how wet and muddy our dogs can get on their daily walks.  There have been times when Maggie’s walks became so muddy, I didn’t even recognize her at all. She looked like a dog wagging mud puddle in shades of green, brown and black. This is the time that you need an amazing dog towel. Now there are hundreds of dog towels out there claiming all kinds of things, but which really does the job? To find that answer we decided to review the Absorber with our favourite groomer Adam from Hardi’s hounds.

As a professional dog groomer, Adam is washing and grooming dogs on a daily basis and deals with all type of dogs that need a good bath and a fur-cut. One thing that dog groomers’ need is a fast solution to drying dogs. Sure there are dryers and blasters, but if a dog towel can absorb water off the dog’s coat, there’s less time under the dryer, which can be stressful to some dogs.

Dog towel review

dog towel reviewThe first thing we liked about the Absorber dog towel was that it was soft and an ample size for a medium size dog. Our model dog Milo has thick and curly hair that loves to suck up water like it’s going out of style. But once we used theAbsorber, we noticed that it started wicking away the water quickly. Milo’s fur was significantly dryer compared to using your typical bath towel.  Adam liked using the towel like a blotter, which helped keep Milo’s fur tangle free.

I also liked the towel because it also helped to remove that grimy dirt that gets on my dog’s belly. However, I think Adam summed it up best…

It’s amazing, honestly and actually does absorb better than other brands on the market. It’s lush!

The other things that Adam thought where amazing were how the extra dog hair on the towel was easy to shake off, and after a simple rinse, it was ready to either go back into its storage tube or ready to drop in the washing machine.

About the Absorber dog towel

dog towel benefitsThe absorber is made out of a unique material called Poly Vinyl Alcohol and reinforced with a mesh scrim that makes it like a super strong and durable sponge-like towel. I noticed that it was also soft and gentle and absorbed water from our test dogs coat like a straw. It also resists mould, mildew, tearing and shredding. The absorber is machine washable too, however, I simply rinsed it under the tap, wrung it out and then stored it back in its tube ready for the next wet dog. The storage tube is very handy to store at home, or keeping it in your car for those rainy walks.

How to use the absorber dog towel

dog towel groomers choiceWhen you first get the Absorber, take it out of its container and rinse it by hand with warm water or pop it in your washing machine. Once the Absorber is wet, just wring it out and pop it back in its container.

When using it on your pup, we like to wrap it around the dog and blot and watch the water get whisked away from the pets fur.

After you have finished drying your dog, give the Absorber a wring out to remove excess fur and dirt, and then place it back in its storage tube while slightly damp ready to use again.

After each use, rinse well, wring it out well and place it in the storage tube while slightly damp.

If you allow The Absorber to air dry, it will become stiff. To make it ready to go, simply rehydrate under a warm water tap and it will come back to life, ready to use again.


Besides coming in a super size of 69 x 43cm which is perfect to dry your dog, it’s also available in 6 colours. I would totally recommend getting a couple one for the home for bath time and one in the car when you’re out walking your dog on wet days. Adam has already decided it’s the towel for his grooming business. Besides drying dogs quickly, he really loves how it has its own storage container and that it’s also easy to clean after a busy day grooming dog.

Popular with professional groomers.

 This Absorber dog Towel is amazingly absorbent and lint free.

It totally  reduce the drying time. Good for you and good for your pup.

Easy to clean with a simple rinse or pop it in the wash.

And yes, it also soaks up dog puddles and surface water too!

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The Absorber