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If you talk to any dog lover, the first thing you’re going to hear is “I hate leaving my dog at home and I hope that they are doing okay.” We worry that maybe they are making lunch out of the sofa, terrorizing the cat, or even worse howling for you to come home. This is one of the things Maggie loves to do, and yes my neighbours have told me so! When I have to leave her at home, she likes to sit on my chair and give her best beagle howls. With all that, everyone wants to know what’s happening with their dog, while they are away from home. This post, you’re are going to love because we are doing a Furbo review!

About Furbo

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The Furbo Dog Camera is part camera, part spymaster and part dog-treat dispenser, allowing you the ability to watch your furry mate while you’re away. It’s perfect if you know your dog gets lonely while waiting for you. Better yet you can offer up a dog treat and even talk to them.  It’s like your dog’s personal home phone.

The camera is an HD super-wide and offers a 160-degree view of the room which your dog hangs out while your away. It even has night vision when you’re out for dinner or evening event where your pup can’t attend.

What you get & Setting it up

A simple and beautiful device that looks good and is ready to blend into your home and connects with your devices. Setup is really easy!

  • Download the app on your phone
  • Connect to your home network

That’s it! Once your connected Furbo you are able to stream 1080p video right to your smartphone over Wi-Fi or 4G. Better yet, like some other smart cameras, we’ve tried, you don’t need a subscription.

The simple app is available on Android and iOS and offers a few quick ways to interact with your pooch. You can take a video or photo with a tap, turn the two-way microphone on to hear your dog and talk to her, (and yes, I talk to my dog all the time) or tap to toss a treat.

The App

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The app is available for your Android or iOS smartphone. Once downloaded and connected you are ready to interact with your dog while away from home. You can take videos or photos with a simple tap on your mobile. If you turn on the two-way microphone you can start having a little chat with your pup and you can hear your pup respond back. And if you’re like me, a treat giver, you can just tap on your phone and let Furbo toss a treat. Very wag cool! The best part it works with your mobile, your smartwatch and yes even Alexa loves Furbo!

Did someone say woof

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Oh yes, when you first start using Furbo, your dog has absolutely no idea what is going to happen when you leave.  First off, the Furbo will send a notification if your dog is barking! You can respond by playing a little jingle, which will surely get your dog’s attention. You can also shoot out a treat to distract your dog from his bad behaviour. This can help teach your dog that a jingle equals a treat. Something you dog can focus on instead of barking because you are not home.

Furbo Review

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I decided this time when it came to a review, I would ask professionals who care for dogs every day. I was lucky to meet Cassidy and Starr who run a dog care center called  Dogs in the Wind in Pinedale, Wyoming in America. Who better would understand dogs needs and know what works on keeping them content while running a dog care company?

First both über dog lovers, Cassiday and Starr have pets of their own, in fact, they have a little pack at home, and with their hectic schedule caring for dogs at their business location, things can become quite busy, and sometimes they need a break from their owns dogs for a little R and R! Who could blame them!


We both really loved the Furbo, especially at work.  Being able to see our dogs when they were at home was a nice reassurance.  The App would let us know if they were barking or when they would be walking by.  The only thing that was a little frustrating is they could not hear us when they were at the house. 
Using the Furbo at work was nice to keep our dogs interested especially if they were treat motivated.   
…getting the update at the end of the day was nice too.
I do think it is important that the wi-fi you use is a strong connection  sometimes ours was a  bit weak up here in the mountains and it would be slow downloading but i think that was  just the local wi-fi issue.


In my Furbo review, I think it’s the best doggie camera on the market. Especially because there is no subscription to deal with. It also looks very wag cool in any room you put it in, like the lounge or kitchen. I think it’s great that you can check in on your dog while you are away. And if your like me, and see your pup looks so cute waiting for you, wouldn’t you just love to give them a little treat and let them know that you’re on your way home for a cuddle!

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