A Pet Memorial Portrait Is The Best Way To Memorialize A Pet

Dog pet memorial cover

It is very difficult to evolve from the phase after losing a pet as the furry friend leaves his paw prints on the hearts of every dog parent!

But it is equally difficult to console a dear friend and get him/her going in life.

At times observing pet memorials gives them a chance to accept what is and know who all are there to help in this unfortunate situation. Memorial gifts can really soothe the pain that a dog parent has and give them something to cling onto.


How Does A Pet Memorial Portrait Help?

pet charcoal portrait pet memorials

The most dreadful chore of losing a pet is how the memories pounce now and then out of every relevant situation.

A pet memorial portrait of their furry friend can be a lot of help to emotionally connect to it and talk their heart out in front of it.

It justifies their void which was created after the pet left their life.

It will allow one to move on, as the brain will always try to induce thoughts of what it is habitual of seeing every day. Looking at the painting will be of great help to subconsciously soothe the parent’s mind.

Something non-commercial like a handmade painting has a very pure thought behind it and acts as a great medium to connect with.


How Can You Get A Painting Easily From A Custom Photo?

loss of a pet memorial

Folks at PortraitFlip are serving people with genuine handmade paintings from photos and delivering at their doorstep.

They have made it very simple to cater to tailored orders by their 3 step online ordering service:

  1. Upload the photos which you want a painting of.
  2. Select one medium from Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Watercolor, Colored Pencil or Acrylic.
  3. Select one framing option among Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or a Frame and place the order.


PortraitFlip’s executive will guide you through by suggesting the best photo, changes you want, and whatever features you want like Background Change or Merging Photos.


They feature 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so be assured of getting a perfect painting of the tail-wagger.


They offer Free Shipping Worldwide and an option of Express Delivery to cater to rush orders.


One of the best things about PortraitFlip is they think of the portrait as a happy and emotional experience and this thoughtfulness leaves people with tears of joy when they unwrap the package as shown in the video testimonials on their YouTube channel.



In A Nutshell:

pet memorials options

Memorials have a greater meaning than what we expect. Suggest your friend to be patient and firstly ACCEPT what has happened and then try to move on by socializing and other ways.


Don’t try to be there for them when they don’t need you or get them a new pet. Be a responsible friend and only do what is necessary and act normal around them.


Something like a pet memorial portrait by PortraitFlip can be a lot of help if you give it a chance. It will help them to stabilize the whole journey of moving on!


And the most important of all is seek love and ask them to stick to their routine as much as possible.  


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