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Just like everyone craves for some quality rest after a long tiring day, so do our four-legged friends. Dog beds made from quality durable material offer good health benefits for your pets and could possibly reduce your number of visits to the vets.

Quality sleep is important for the body to heal and repair itself. It is also at this time that most growth takes place. Good blood circulation and efficient energy metabolism are crucial during sleep for quality rest for a healthy life.

As veterinarians note:

Maureenwe can’t take for granted where our pets sleep and the health benefits of quality sleep. A comfortable bed, especially for senior pets, goes a long way in maintaining quality of life.

One of my trusted choices is woofmat. This has got to be one of the greatest inventions when it comes to dog beds in the veterinary field.


Let’s check out this revolutionary invention.

Key features

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Woofmat is made from specialized celliant fibers.

Celliant fibres are made from the latest nanotechnology which uses 13 thermo reactive minerals. These are embedded within the polyester microfibers to absorb energy and reemit it back to the body through infrared energy.

These magical fibres change the wavelength of the energy waves emitted making it easy for absorption by the body. This offers perfect energy efficiency which can be used by the body to carry out physiology processes such as cell division, immunity, growth and repair.

Among the choice ingredients:

Titanium dioxide which helps to reflect light.

Silicone Dioxide on the other paw has energy reflection and absorption properties.

Aluminum Oxide helps to increase reflectivity. For more information about this please click here.

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The energy remitted back to the body causes an increase in the size of blood vessels (vasodilation) causing an increase in blood volume and a decrease in blood pressure. Increased blood perfusion to body cells increases oxygenation important for energy production in cells.  It also increases the supply of nutrients, removal of toxins from cells and increased immunity through white blood cells. All these cells processes are essential for good running of the body. An excellent way to Improve sleep quality and overall quality of life. Decreased blood pressure is important in dogs with heart, kidney and liver failure.

Celliant microfibers are of high quality ensuring durability and long term usage. The fibres are also fray resistant. Dogs who like to bite or chew their beds especially during teething, separation anxiety or out of habit. (you now who you are!) Woofmat is durable enough to keep itself intact.

The fibres are also water repellant. This comes in handy especially after a bath or a run in the rain. This is also important for our senior dogs or those with urinary tract infections which may suffer from urinary mishaps. Woofmat beds stay is dry at all times and easy to clean. It also prevents bacterial buildup reducing chances of infection and smell.

Woofmat is also made from orthopedic foam. This helps in supporting muscles, bones and joints as it takes the shape of the body giving a massaging effect, especially on pressure points. It also promotes better sleeping posture preventing the body from curling on itself. This reduces strain on joints and the spine and helps increase energy levels the following day.

Orthopedic foams are especially important for dogs suffering from joint degenerative diseases such as arthritis, hip dysplasia or simply old age.

Celliant fibres are specially made to allow air circulation within the bed itself. This helps reduces bacteria, therefore, better hygiene and a decrease in bacterial infections.

They also assist in temperature regulation while sleeping giving better comfort. This is beneficial during those hot summer nights and cold winters. As opposed to regular fibres which trap or vent body heat, celliant fibre technology converts body heat to infrared energy which is later reemitted back to the body. This promotes efficiency and promotes vasodilatation and oxygenation essential for body physiological processes as mentioned above.

It is also anti-slip and stays in one place on the surface.

Woofmat comes in an array of colours that can match your interior beautifully.   On top of that, it comes in various shapes that can adapt and fit perfectly in your home and for your furry friend.

It is also very light and portable.

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  • Allows energy efficiency by absorbing infrared energy and remitting it back to the body
  • Waterproof therefore easy to clean and reduces the chance of infection
  • Made from orthopedic foam which helps support muscles, joints and bones. It also helps to maintain body posture reducing strain on major joints and the spine.
  • Beneficial for dogs with joint degenerative diseases
  • Improves blood perfusion and increases oxygenation of body tissues by 7% which is beneficial for your pets athletic performance during exercise and better sleep.
  • Made durable and long lasting
  • It’s light and portable
  • Antislip allowing it to stay in place
  • It helps improve blood circulation and cell oxygenation in the body.
  • Helps in temperature regulation reducing chances of hypothermia or hyperthermia depending on weather.
  • Comes in arrays of colours to suit your interior décor needs.
  • It comes in a variety of shapes to fit your pup perfectly.


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  • The price point is a bit on the higher side though compared to the quality of material used, it is economical in the long run.


Celliant nanotechnology found in woofmat is a worthwhile investment for your dog’s health. It enables efficient use of body energy to increase blood perfusion, oxygenation and thermoregulation crucial for cell division. This consequently leads to better sleep and great athletic performance the day.


Check them out and find your perfect dog bed at Woofmat!

Photo credit: Photo by Ron Fung on Unsplash