Benefits Of Buying Aussie Dog Toys VS International

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If you don’t want your pet creating a habit of chewing and gnawing random items in your house, you might want to get them dog toys. Especially if your Aussie dog is still a puppy, buying them dog toys will bring significant benefits.

Here are the benefits of buying Aussie dog toys compared to international ones:

1. It’s cheaper

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Buying dog toys will protect your things and your furniture from being damaged, especially if your dog is now developing its teeth. Buying Aussie dog toys is a lot cheaper compared to replacing items in your house because your dog keeps on chewing them.

Moreover, Aussie pooch toys are way cheaper than international brands since they’re locally made. International dog products tend to be expensive because a portion of their market price covers the import price and shipping as well. Local pet stores and online websites like Barking Good have a wide range of Aussie dog toys for sale that won’t break the bank.

2. It’s locally made

Whether it’s in Australia or any other country for that matter, it’s good to develop an attitude of promoting local brands. As a consumer, patronizing local products such as Aussie dog toys will not only let you give a nice treat for your dog, but you’ll also be contributing to the local businesses and economy as well.

3. High quality and made of safe materials

Buying Aussie dog toys instead of international brands can assure you of the quality of the products you’ll be buying. As toys are important to keep your dog healthy, these toys should be able to withstand the pressure, especially once your pet starts to use them for teething. Having high quality and durable dog toys will let your pets enjoy playing with them for a much longer time.

Aside from quality, you won’t have to worry that your pet might get poisoned because of the presence of toxic chemicals and materials used to make dog toys. Some international toys may contain unsafe or hazardous materials, especially if they are made of cheap quality or are mass produced. You also have no way of knowing what other potential safety issues these toys might pose for your pet, especially if the packaging doesn’t come with an English translation.

Aussie dog toys are safe to use and are guaranteed to be made of safe materials, so your pet is not at risk of accidents related to toy intoxication.

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4. Aussie Dog Toys are Wide availability


Aussie dog toys are widely available in the market compared to international brands that are limited to certain pet shops. With its wide availability, it’s easier for you to buy a dog toy if you left yours at home and you want to take him out for a playdate. You might be surprised if you encounter Aussie dog toys being sold when you’re doing your grocery.


5. Made specifically for Aussie dogs


Since Aussie dogs are one of the smartest and playful breeds, they have their preferences in toys. Most toys are made specifically for their breed so you won’t have to think if your dog would ignore the dog toy you just bought. Moreover, Aussie dog toys are created to enhance their motor skills and intelligence.


With a lot of choices of Aussie dog toys, here are some that you might want to get for your beloved pet:


1. Flying discs

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If you’re fond of spending time with your pet in the backyard or your local park, bringing a flying disc will be enjoyable for both of you. Playing with your pet can reduce your anxiety and stress. On the other hand, flying discs are beneficial for your pet since it improves his mobility and alertness.

2. Rubber balls

If your pet loves to play fetch, a rubber ball will be their favorite toy. There’s a lot of ball types that you can choose from, from the small to big ones, and different designs as well. Make sure that the size of the ball is big enough to avoid choking. Also, choose a rubber ball that is chew resistant. Rubber ball toys also improve your dog’s physical and mental strength.

3. Chew toys

There’s a lot of chew toys available in the market, though they basically give the same pleasure to your pet. Choose the size of the chew toy depending on the age of your dog. This type of toys is most helpful for puppies that are developing teeth since they want to chew to ease the itch they are experiencing in their gums. Chew toys can promote better oral health for your pets, too.

Final Thoughts

Getting Aussie dog toys are more practical compared to international brands. It is cheaper, but at the same time, it’s guaranteed safe and provides better quality. There’s a lot of Aussie dog toys available—flying discs, rubber balls, and chew toys are just a few of them. Depending on what type of activities you and your dog enjoy, you can choose the toy that will make your playtime more enjoyable.