Travelling With Pets: Why Choosing The Right Vehicle Matters

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As travelling with pets is becoming more popular and widely accepted when planning a vacation, are you prepared to bring along your dog on the next road trip? According to GoPetFriendly, 63.8% of owners travel by car or pick-up when asked what mode of transportation they used when travelling with their pets. But regardless of the vehicle, bonding with your pet while seeking new adventures is priceless. As you create your getaway plan, keep in mind the Highway Code that requires owners to secure their pets properly while travelling in vehicles with them. So, it is not only human companions that you need to consider but also the welfare of your canines.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Vehicles

Vehicles are designed for various purposes; Some are great for large families, while others are meant for smaller households. None the less, there are plenty to options when it comes to finding the best cars that are suitable for pets. When choosing a vehicle that can also accommodate your furry family members, think about the number of you have, including their breed, size, age, and weight. As your pup grows, so will their level of needs. It is also important to consider that your dog must have proper sun protection, the right temperature control, and fresh air while travelling in the car. Depending on your preference and the local animal safety regulations, there are plenty of vehicles that cater to pet owners and provide the necessary features that include having a wide cargo space, proper restraints, and an overall comfortable ride.

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Make Safety a Priority

Your pet should not be in the front seat of your car, and this also means no animal sitting on your lap while driving. Otherwise, you will end up with $5,000 in fines if caught. It is also dangerous for your furry friend to stick out his head on the car window, as debris can hit his eyes and face, causing serious damage. A safe option is to use a crate to ensure the safety of your dog. Founder and director, Patrick Kruse of dog gear brand Ruffwear, says that crates can help prevent distractions, keep the animal restrained post-crash, and manage the deceleration rate. Secure the crate in the back seat of your car or in the cargo area of your minivan, station wagon, or an SUV. Another must-have for every pup is a safety harness that you can use to strap them in the back seat of your vehicle. That way, they won’t be secluded to a crate but safely secured on a seat.

Travelling with your pet can be double the fun, but it also involves more planning to ensure safety and comfort for everyone on the trip. Make sure to lessen the stress for the animal, especially if it is his first time on a road trip.

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