Driving Safely With Your Dog Tips!

driving safely with a dog cover

As our dogs are members of the family, we often take them along on days out and quick trips in the car. We like to consider ourselves to be good drivers and understand the rules to keep everyone safe in the car. Although, you may be unaware there are certain rules to follow in order to stick to the highway code and keep our furry friends safe.

Interested in checking your abiding by the rules? Continue reading to discover some important and helpful tips for driving safely with your dog.

How to secure them

It’s essential to make sure our dogs are restrained in the car, to keep them safe and also other passengers. It’s important to not let your dog hang its head outside the car window, as this could cause serious injury if you were to stop suddenly. Using suitable restraints such as seat belt harnesses, pet carriers and cages are easy ways to make sure they’re secure and safe. What type of restraint used will depend on how well behaved your dog is.

This is listed in the Highway Code under Rule 57, all motorists should ensure that their dog, or any other animal, is suitably restrained. A survey of 1,000 was conducted, the foundings saw 22.5% of respondents admitted to not restraining their dog properly.

Driving Safely with a dog

Reasons to abid

If you are seen showing disregard to the rules and the police notice your dog could be distracting you while driving, they are able to enforce fines of up to £1,000. Another point to bear in mind is if you have an accident due to being distracted, this could invalidate your car insurance and result in you paying the repair bill.

It goes without saying that you could also seriously injure your dog if involved in an accident. If your vehicle is shunted forward at high speed and your dog is playing freely in the car, it may be thrown forward, therefore it is so important to protect them!

If you make the effort to secure your dog before leaving you can avoid any issues with the police and certain accidents. You can then enjoy taking your pooch on days out without worry!

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