Dog Crate & Trip: Makes or Breaks an Owner-Pet Relationship

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Planning a trip with the whole family but baffled as to what you should do with your dog? The dilemma begins. Should you hire a sitter and leave him at home or should you take him with you? Your dogs are like family members and they deserve to be spending time and bonding with you, too. And so you decide to take him with you on your next trip. Dog crates will make this decision possible and easier to pursue (click here).

Choosing dog crates may seem easy, but it is actually not. People often make mistakes in buying crates for their dogs. There are a variety of designs and stylish crates so that dog owners often buy based only on the designs, but a good buy is when all the features are considered more than just the designs. Here are some of the important features that need to be considered when buying dog crates.

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Choose the right size

The first important feature is the size of the crate. Of course, you would need to buy something that fits your dog breed. The crate should be big enough for your dog, but not too big that your dog will just stay in one corner, eats in another, pee or poop on the other. Pick something that is just enough for your dog, not too small or too big.

It must be legally acceptable

Animal protection laws are very strong that a pet owner can be charged for not carrying his pet correctly or properly. This is where the crate plays a big role. In some statutes, a pet owner can be found guilty when involved in accidents due to distractions from his dog or when he does not keep it in a crate while travelling. discusses warnings about unrestrained pets inside moving vehicles.

Safety of the crate

Choose a sturdy crate especially when you have a big dog. It should be strong enough to keep the dog in. You also have to ensure that the materials used are not toxic and are harmless for your dogs. Otherwise, you are liable for negligence is anything happens to your dog due to crates made of toxic materials. Wired crates may be used but for travels, it is preferred to put your dogs in aluminium or plastic crates.

Mind the season

It is also important to consider the climate or season when you travel with your pets. Keeping them comfortable is showing your love for them as they are members of your family. Make sure that the crates allow enough fresh air and will not be too warm or hot during summers or freezing cold during winter.

Why do you need to crate your dog?

To lessen anxiety

Travelling can be a stressful experience for your pet dog. Travels will put them in a situation where they do not know where they are going. Dogs are territorial so they would rather be in their own territory than elsewhere. However, the use of crates can help lessen their anxieties. It can provide them with the feel of a den. When they are conditioned to see this as their dens, the trip may not be as stressful for them, they might even find it enjoyable to be on the road. On top of that, car conditioning and how they are handled will also help them adapt to new environments. Click here for more tips on how to take care of your pet dogs during long road trips.

To help your pet adjust to the planned travel, it is best that you take them on short trips first. On these short trips, make sure they are crated so they would feel the environment and adjust to the feeling of being crated. Comfort in the crate is very important as this will make them feel like they are still in their comfort zones and it will feel homely and less stressful.

Minimizes the potentials of injury

Crating your dogs will also prevent them from incurring injuries. They provide safety for your pet dogs during a car ride, especially if it is a long trip. Car accidents are inevitable when you get involved in one, even just minor accidents, your pet dog is at risk of getting hurt or sustaining injuries when they are not put in crates during the trip. They can even be killed due to this.

This is also the reason why owners must choose sturdy and durable crates that will resist impacts in case you met an accident during the trip. Aluminium crates are a bit pricy but this provides for the best security for your pets.

Sites like give information on what to do when your dog sustains injuries in a car accident.

Holds supplies for your dogs

Crates have food and water section so you will not have any trouble in feeding your dogs, especially during long-distance travels. Having these supplies in his “den” will make your dog happy and satisfied during the trip. Food and water bowls can be placed inside the “den” and you will not have to stop during feeding time.

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No mud inside the car

You can keep your dog inside the crate so this would mean no dirt or mud on the car seats and carpets. Some dogs are always bounding around when they get out from the vehicle on occasional stops during a long-distance trip. When they are on the ground, they contract dirt, mud, and soil so that when they get back in the car they would be contaminating the car seats, and carpets with all these debris. However, if they are put in a crate, this debris will just fall inside the crate and stay there. It makes aftercare and cleaning easier and faster.

To sum up, it is really best to choose the kind of dog crates that you can travel with ease and at the same time one that provides utmost security and comfort for your pets. The best kind maybe a bit pricy but nothing is more important than the comfort and safety of family members, right? Also, aside from it keeps your pet dogs safe, it gives them enough convenience and prevents them from suffering trauma during long trips. When your pet dogs are comfortable on your trips, it would also mean less stress and hassle for you.