Why Fowey Has the Best Dog-Friendly Cottages in Cornwall

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For anyone on the lookout for the most dog-friendly cottages in Cornwall, Fowey comes highly recommended. In fact, this gorgeous corner of the county has lately become something of a mecca among dog-lovers. Throughout all four seasons, pet-friendly families are making a beeline for the charms and treasures of Fowey.

The question being – why is Fowey the perfect destination for dog-lovers? If planning on taking your four-legged friend along for the ride, why choose Fowey over anywhere else?

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If you’ve ever travelled with pets, you’ll know how challenging it can be. Not to mention, how important it is to select your destination strategically. The good news being that in Fowey, all members of the family are well looked after.

…and here’s why:

Huge Choice of Properties

First up, Fowey is home to some of the most dog-friendly cottages in Cornwall. Not to mention, one of the most varied collections of holiday homes for all purposes. Whatever your expectations and budget, you’ll be right at home in Fowey. From towering mansions to the tiniest fishermen’s cottages right by the sea, you’ll find the perfect place for a dream break. Plenty of space for the whole family (including the dog) in some of Fowey’s most prestigious locations. And all at surprisingly affordable prices for the whole group!

Endless Walking Routes

When the time comes for walks, you won’t exactly be struggling for options.  It’s up to you whether you plan your walking route ahead of time, but you’ll find it pretty difficult to go wrong. Fowey is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole of the UK, making for idyllic walks throughout the year. From beautiful beaches to dramatic cliff tops to gorgeous green pastures, nature’s best is right there on your doorstep. However adventurous (or otherwise) you may be feeling, you and your pup will be in your element.

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Dog-Friendly Beaches

Speaking of beaches, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find genuinely dog-friendly beaches. Even where dogs are technically allowed on the beach, you’ll often find yourself the recipient of frowns, stares and unwelcome tutting. Not in Fowey – these folks really mean it when they say dog-friendly beaches! There are dozens of beautiful dog-friendly beaches to explore in and around Fowey.  Most of which are complemented by all the facilities and conveniences you’ll need for a fantastic day out.

Dog-Friendly Pubs

Local pubs are less an attraction and more something of an institution in Fowey.  The good news being that in many instances, you won’t be forced to leave your prized-pooch at home. Or worse still, tie him up outside while you have all the fun. Just as long as your dog is sufficiently well behaved, he’ll be more than welcome to join you in any number of local pubs. Some of the better pubs in the region even hand out free dog biscuits and water! It’s always worth checking their policies ahead of time, but you won’t have to look far to find a truly dog-friendly pub in Fowey.

Year-Round Climate

Admittedly, Fowey is prone to bouts of somewhat unpleasant weather during the winter. Nevertheless, this corner of the country enjoys a year-round climate that’s noticeably milder than the rest of the UK. Or to put it another way, if there’s pleasant weather to be found, you’ll find it here! In turn, you have yourself the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors with the whole family. Fowey is typically at its most beautiful during the spring and autumn months, though isn’t without its charms in the depths of winter. Throw a little snow into the mix and the landscape has to be seen to be believed.

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A County of Dog-Lovers

Last but not least, Cornwall as a whole is known for being a county of dog-lovers. Something that becomes all the more evident when venturing out and about in Fowey. You and your pet can expect the kind of warm welcome you’re unlikely to experience anywhere else. If looking for locals likely to take a disliking to tourists and their pets, you won’t find them in Fowey! From cottage owners to pubs to local authorities, pets are just as welcome in Fowey as their owners. That is, just as long as they behave themselves – pets and owners alike!

If planning a dog-friendly holiday at any time of year, you’d have to be barking mad not to consider cottages in Cornwall, Fowey!

  1. This is really good to know about Fowey. We absolutely love Cornwall and usually stay just a little way around the coastline from Fowey, near Mevagissey, but we have to leave our dog at home because the park we stay at doesn’t allow dogs and the beach isn’t dog friendly during the main holiday season. We’ve visited Fowey a few times while staying near Meva and really like the little town and its restaurants and shops and we will definitely consider staying there when planning our next year’s holiday!

    • We love Cornwall too! And Maggie goes nuts when we’re on the beach. I think it’s the most dog-friendly place in the UK! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Feeling love hearing this news. My family loves to travel with our pets, and there has been so many times when we go somewhere on vacation that we have to leave our dog at a friend’s house. That for us is the hardest part. But, with this news, we are so very happy to see we can visit Fowey with the complete family including our dog, for the new year.

    • I think travelling with a dog is always amazing. You really get to see and meet new things and people when you have a dog in tow. I think you will just love Fowey. Happy dog wagging travels.

  3. Glad to see this news! Fowey is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. I love to go everywhere with my dog and sometimes I have to leave them for the holidays just because the places I stay don’t allow dogs. So this is really good news for me as well my dog.

    • You will love it there! It is one of my favourite places to go with Maggie. And to see your pup on the beach is just beautiful! Happy holidays!

  4. I am the biggest dog lover and I know Fowey is the perfect destination for dog-lovers. There has been a few times I had to travel without my dog due to the reason of some beaches not allowing to bring pets but finally we here some good news for all dog lovers, me included.

    • Great to hear! Travelling with your dog is always the best! Thank you for sharing