How To Take Care Of Your New Puppy During The Lockdown

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Are you feeling lonely during the lockdown? If yes, why don’t you get yourself a pet? During the lockdown, many people have bought themselves a new puppy like a pug or a Presa Canario puppy as a companion for their indoor confinement. With a puppy, it also comes to some responsibilities that you can not neglect. You constantly have to come up with unique ideas to make your puppy happy and healthy.

This responsibility sounds a lot but, during the lockdown, when you have almost nothing to do, exploring fun ways to take care of your puppy can be exciting. To take the best care fo your puppy during these tough times can be confusing. So we brought you some unique ways to take care of your puppy, so he stays healthy mentally and physically.

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1. Substitute Outdoor Activities With Indoor Ones

Puppies can feel stress and get bored while doing nothing surrounded by four walls. This can make them inactive and grumpy. To prevent this, you need to give them some activity, like a twist on fetch indoors. You can throw a stuffed toy from your stairs and ask your furry companion to fetch it for you.

Some squeaky toys are also suggested for Presa Canario puppies who have a deep urge to chew to quiet down their stresses, soothe their gums and stay busy.

You can play war tug or hide and seek which can really help stimulate your pup. Try making some DIY puzzle games or you can also connect up with furry friends, which you can find online. Veterinarians say your new pup can learn new tricks at home and help to bond with them during this lockdown season.

2. Cook Healthy Food For Your Companion

During the lockdown, it might be harder to find puppy food. This can be concerning for many new puppy owners, but fortunately, there are many recipes that you can whip up at home that your puppy can enjoy. But there are few ingredients you should stay away from, these include:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Chives

As long as you are staying away from these ingredients, you can still prepare some delicious treats for your puppy, which you can enjoy making as well.

new puppy with toy

3. Take Care Of Their Hygiene

Even though your pup may be spending less time outdoors, it’s still important to take care of their hygiene. Make sure nails are nice and trim, and that you check for fleas or mats in the fur which can cause some serious complications if not attended and treated.  It would be best if you also take your puppy for a walk; this will help you as well as your new puppy to stay healthy.

Remember that social distancing applies to puppies too, even though they don’t transmit the infection to humans. Taking precautions is always better than taking medicines.

4. Spend More Quality Time with Your Furry

You can now spend a lot of quality time with your pet, due to this new normal of working from home. Enjoy this time with, play, training and of course lots of cuddles. This is your opportunity to connect to your pet in difficult times. Your new puppy is your sunlight during a foggy day, so you better treasure this time that you have together.

Pets bring a smile to your face even in the toughest of times. Take good care of yourself and your furry pup to come out healthy when the lockdown is over.

Photos by form PxHere