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Dog Travel News

Great Dog Travel News… We are all getting ready for new experiences and traveling with our favorite dog! Here are some great articles that were posted on the internet this week. As the “Dog Days of Summer” approach, some getaways and websites are catering to those with

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Chic Wagging Paris

dog friendly Paris

Now this is a city that knows how to treat dogs royally! Paris welcomes pets inside restaurants, so, after an afternoon of touring this fantastic city with its cobbled sidewalks, expansive boulevards, and riverside walks, pause for a bottle of French wine and a baguette with dog

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My Fruit and Veggie Melee

fruit and vegetables for dogs

Want to get more veggies and fruits in your dog’s diet? Well, my fruit and veggie melee is a perfect mixture to add to your dog’s diet. Mix it with kibble or canned wet food. It’s a perfect mix of vegetables and Fruit that I enjoy. The best

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Cold Dog Feet Keep My Paws from Freezing

It’s freezing! We dogs need to keep warm while we stroll around with you on our daily walks. It’s really important that our feet are protected. We don’t have boots, but all we need is a little special care. Just take a little extra time to keep our paws well-groomed.

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