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Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Leash

Buying a dog leash may seem like a no-brainer purchase. However, buying the right leash for you and your dog will go a long way. Sometimes, leashes can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your dog and made from poor quality. The leash you buy should fit your

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How to Distract Your Dog While Working from Home

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While working from home certainly has many perks, many dog owners are finding it a little bit harder to adjust whether this is their beloved pet constantly asking for attention or whether they find themselves tempted to play with their dog as opposed to getting down to

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Doodle Thought: Why are Designer Dogs so Popular?

doodle designer dog

If you’ve been to a dog park recently, chances are that you have seen a ton of designer dogs running around. These are dogs like the Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or Bernedoodle that have extremely fluffy coats and run around with their tongues out. In addition, they have fun

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The Wonderful World of Small Sized Dogs

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Dogs are one of the most popular animals as a pet. They are wonderful animals, full of life, love and loyalty. They are sociable and connect with people of all ages. They are highly trainable and can make amazing companions, as well as protecting their owners, or

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What does your dog tell you about yourself?

‘Dogs are man’s best friend,’ are words never said better. Dogs are known to compliment us in our day to day lives in many ways. As we walk with our heads high and our vision focused at a distance, dogs complement us by keeping close to the

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What May Be Covered by a Pet Insurance Policy

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Pet insurance policies can be compared to health insurance for your pets. However, pet insurance can cover a number of expenses that are unique to your pet, and they can complement other insurance policies you have. Let’s take a look at what may be covered by pet

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How to Care For Small Dogs

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No two dogs are the same. They all have unique personalities and needs and deserve the utmost care. While dogs’ needs often vary by breed, their size also plays a part. Small and miniature breeds like Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Pugs all have unique needs that differ greatly

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