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5 Questions to Ask a Breeder Before Buying a Dog

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Purchasing a new pup for your family is a big decision. You need to research the right breed, consider your family dynamics, and make sure that all family members are on board with sharing the responsibility. Once you’ve determined that your family is ready to become pet

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5 Japanese Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

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Aptly said ‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself’. Their unconditional love and loyalty make them the best creatures existing on this planet and every pet lover will agree! There are about 340 breeds recognized by the world

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A Beginner’s Guide In Buying CBD Oil For Pets

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CBD is the shortcut term for cannabidiol. Yes, it’s a by-product of cannabis, but you can relax in knowing that it doesn’t have any THC content – that part that makes you and your pet high. This addictive factor is the common misconception with CBD! As THC

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LUFA-The Linked Up For Animals Platform

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The LUFA social media platform will help to advance the goals and objectives of animal welfare organizations across the United States and the world. Currently, there are no such platforms designed for this purpose in the country. The platform will be a means in which information about

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Do Animals Give Emotional Support to People

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People who have dealt with mental or physical illness or injuries sometimes need a little extra support. Some days are worse than others, and sometimes they don’t have friends or family members close by who can help provide the extra assistance that they need. This is a

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How To Find The Ideal German Shepherd Puppy

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German Shepherd Female or Male One of the first things that you should think about is whether you want your new German Shepherd puppy to be female or male. Although both males and females share a lot of the same characteristics, there are some key differences that

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