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Do Animals Give Emotional Support to People

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People who have dealt with mental or physical illness or injuries sometimes need a little extra support. Some days are worse than others, and sometimes they don’t have friends or family members close by who can help provide the extra assistance that they need. This is a

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How To Find The Ideal German Shepherd Puppy

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German Shepherd Female or Male One of the first things that you should think about is whether you want your new German Shepherd puppy to be female or male. Although both males and females share a lot of the same characteristics, there are some key differences that

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Tracy Ahrens Award Winning Pet Stories

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Tracy Ahrens just won second place for her pet stories! And of course she did her stories are amazing! We all love her stories about her cats,her dog Trucker and her whole furry family. The best Part about her stories is how they reflect on how we

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DOG POO: A Few Gassy Thoughts

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This strange blog came to mind after reading this BBC article about a man in Worcester UK taking dog poo matters into his own hands. Literally turning dog poop into light… Ahhh the wonders of the 21st century. Forget Iphones, forget 3D curved ultra sharp, ultra sonic,

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Training Your Puppy to Become a Good Dog

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When you first bring your puppy home, it’s tempting to spend all your time together playing and cuddling. However, those first months lay a foundation that will last well into your dog’s adult years. If you teach your pet what is expected of him early, you will

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