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The Best Identification for Your Dog

id tags for dogs

Just like you do any other valuable item,  you need to have some way of identifying your dog. That way, if he ever goes missing, he has the best chance of finding his way back to you. There are many options for identifying dogs, some permanent and

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Scrumptious Sweet Potato Dog Treats

sweep potato dog treats

eptember is the fall harvest time for sweet potatoes and they are perfect for making treats or adding to homemade dog food. Sweet potatoes are an acceptable diet ingredient for dogs, however if your little chubby tell your owner that  sweet potato is full of starch so weight

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Cool and Crisp Autumn Tips for Dogs

I love autumn, its cool and crisp and colorful. There is also a lot of fun things to do at this time of year, such as running among the leaves. The fall is wonderful and I always welcome the break from hot, sticky weather of summer. However each season brings new

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Walking a Dog in Rainy Weather

On rainy days, my dog prefers playing fetch inside, curling up on my feet while I read a book and snooze to the sound of the pitter patter, dibble dibble dop. He ‘holds it’ as long as he can and then un-willingly goes out for a potty

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