Nutty Bacon Treats- Dog Licking Good Recipe

bacon dog treat recipe

When I was out on my daily stroll through my favorite blogs today I stopped and sniffed out this wonderful tasty recipe. I don’t know about you, but I just love bacon and I think Emily from Life as Alfie has cooked up some wonderful treats that

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scrumptious Swiss Cheese Dog Treats

dog cheese treats

Did someone say cheese! I absolutely love cheese any kind of cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese any kind cheese, expect perhaps blue, or real strong cheese. I also like to consider myself a dog wagging connoisseur of cheese and I know what I like. Our cheese dog

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Munchy Pumpkin Biscotti Treats for Dogs

The best part about these delicious mini biscotti treats for dogs is there munchy crunchy texture. Perfect in helping to maintain healthy teeth. Originally from Italy, the term “biscotti” means “twice baked” because the treats must be baked twice to make them dry and crunchy. Perfect for dogs

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Scrumptious Sweet Potato Dog Treats

sweep potato dog treats

eptember is the fall harvest time for sweet potatoes and they are perfect for making treats or adding to homemade dog food. Sweet potatoes are an acceptable diet ingredient for dogs, however if your little chubby tell your owner that  sweet potato is full of starch so weight

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Crunchy Banana Treats for dogs

Banana crunch dog treats

Most of us dogs love bananas for their sweet taste and this is a perfect recipe for your dog to try out, due to the bananas are cooked in a crunchy barley mix. These little biscuits cook up in a hard and crunchy texture that is perfect in

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Cool pop treats for Dogs

frozen treats for dogs

There is nothing better on a hot summer day that a crunchy and tasty ice-cube to cool me down. These cool pop treats for dogs are a perfect reward and are made with healthy and tasty stuff! They’re perfect for a hot summer’s day Prep time: 5

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