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Designing a Wag-Worthy Room for Dog

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Having a dog is the best thing that you could have especially when it comes to love and companionship. A dog makes the best cuddle buddy, not to mention how much their loyalty is guaranteed. Your dog is likely to invade every aspect of your life and

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Picking The Perfect Dog Collar: A Simple Guide

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The contemporary market for dog collars is so extensive that it spoils you for choice. In our own store we sell collars in eight different styles, so we understand that the choices presented to owners can be challenging. How can you figure out which collar is the

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Dog Toy Tail: A girl and her duck

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One January day a surprise package from Amazon was delivered to my door. Inside were several gifts for my cats and my dog, Angel. There was no name disclosed as the “sender,” but I wish I knew who it was. I want to thank them because the

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Welcome Dog-Friendly Canada And Happy Birthday Maggie

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Maggie turned 11 years old today and is celebrating her birthday in dog-friendly Canada. We’re looking forward to seeing how dog-friendly Canada can be and meet fellow dog-friendly Canadians. Myself, I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and I truly remember wonderful times with my family dog so I can’t wait to

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6 Secrets to Raising A Happier Pet

Did you know that dogs have emotions and feelings just like people, and feel happy when they get the love and attention that they deserve? Any dog lover will tell you that happier pets are healthier pets, and we all want a healthy wagging dog. But how

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Litter Box Tips That You Need To Know

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For a lot of cat owners, a trip to the local store is as far as they will go in terms of litter box diversity.  However, the world of litter boxes is more intense than you might imagine and there are many different choices that you can

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Are You Ready for a New Pup- Pros and Cons

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Dogs are great. Those loving little eyes, soft ears, and floppy feet make dogs basically irresistible to love. However, everything has its downside, and dog ownership is no different. When you’re deciding whether or not you’re ready to own a dog, you should weigh the pros and

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Celebrity Singer With A Furry Cats Fan Club

One afternoon I found myself singing to my cat, Forest as I popped open a can of pate to feed him. I believe that I was singing a rendition of “Surrey with the Fringe on Top” and strategically inserting Forest’s name, such as “When they see Forie

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