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3 Simple Tips To Cleaning Up Dog Fur

Most of the people love their dogs but hate seeing dog fur everywhere. Pets are part of the family. They love us unconditionally and create comfort in our home. If you are a happy owner of a dog, you have probably already tried everything to get rid

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How to Keep House Clean with Dogs

Keep House Clean with Dogs cover

Having a puppy for the first time into your home is an exciting moment for you and your family members but it comes with an extra responsibility of having to double your cleanliness efforts. It is a feel good experience to come home in the evening and

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Cat Whiskers -String for a fairy’s fiddle

cat whiskers

Ebony, ivory, salt-n-pepper, curly or straight, cat whiskers perform many roles, such as stirring milk on a plate. As cocktail sticks they serve pate. As antennae they detect drafts. They tickle human noses as morning alarms, collect cobwebs we cannot see, measure widths in which to slither,

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10 Signs That You Have A Dog Crush

dog crush cover

Everyone one knows how much their dog loves them. It’s easy to see in their wag, smile and loving eyes. We dogs love all the things you do for us and we know that you have a dog crush on us too! So if your looking for

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