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Pet Cat Care Tips For New Pet Owners

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Owning a pet is beneficial. Having a cat around makes it easy for you to socialize with other people, stay physically active and ward off anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. But being a pet owner isn’t a walk in the park; it also requires a

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Things to Know Before Being a Dog Owner

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Dogs have been faithful companions of people for many thousands of years. They are animals full of love, friendships, and enthusiasts about the environment, which is why most dog owners consider their pets to be real family members. After all, for a reason, the dog is called

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Box fan brings Angel bliss

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Box fan brings Angel bliss   By Tracy Ahrens Experts often tell us about basic essentials for things such as cooking, maintaining beauty or being successful. The three necessities I’ve learned make my dog Angel content are her yellow stuffed duck toy, a small bully stick and

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Sleeping Angel melts my heart

One evening while I was lounging in a chair in my living room, my eyes rested on Angel who was snoozing in a dog bed across the room. As I melted into my oversize chair, I mentally processed the resemblance of my oversize dog with her head

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Designing a Wag-Worthy Room for Dog

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Having a dog is the best thing that you could have especially when it comes to love and companionship. A dog makes the best cuddle buddy, not to mention how much their loyalty is guaranteed. Your dog is likely to invade every aspect of your life and

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Picking The Perfect Dog Collar: A Simple Guide

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The contemporary market for dog collars is so extensive that it spoils you for choice. In our own store we sell collars in eight different styles, so we understand that the choices presented to owners can be challenging. How can you figure out which collar is the

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Dog Toy Tail: A girl and her duck

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One January day a surprise package from Amazon was delivered to my door. Inside were several gifts for my cats and my dog, Angel. There was no name disclosed as the “sender,” but I wish I knew who it was. I want to thank them because the

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