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Way Beyond Repair Photo Contest!

Has your dog ever chewed your favourite pair of shoes or carved a unique design into one of your dining room chairs way beyond repair? If your pup was even a little bit like Maggie, you probably have stories of lost shoes, clothing, pillows, mobile phones, papers

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8 Ideal Gifts For Dog Lovers

dog lovers gifts cover

According to the latest polls, one in two homes owns at least one pet, and typically, that pet is a dog. We all have that friend that is a dog Lover! So, I’ve put together the top eight ideal gifts for Christmas gifts or just because for

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Delight Your Dog And Help Shelter Dogs

shelter dogs cover

We all love our family dogs and we also love to spoil them too. Wouldn’t it be great that every time you bought a little something for your pooch, you would also help shelter dogs? About Bae’s Give Back Bae Gives Back is a brand new way

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Teddy The Dog For Wag Cool Dog Lovers

teddy the dog cover

There are two types of people in this world, dog lovers, and everyone else. If you know someone like us, or you are one of us, you’re going to love Teddy The Dog. We picked a few of our favourites just for peeps who prefer the company

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Tyre Dog Lead & Collar Set – Wag Cool

Here at Wag The Dog UK, we  are lucky enough to see a lot of leads and collars, that are very Wag Cool. And if your looking for uber hip, this tyre dog lead and collars fit the tail wagging to a tee. These gorgeous re-cycled collars

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5 Top Treats And Toys for Your New Puppy

treats and toys cover1

Getting a new puppy is an exciting whirlwind of furry cuteness. Puppies are tiny, adorable little chewers. It’s hard to believe some are even real, like these teddy bear pups on this site. Once the excitement is over, however, reality begins to set in. Those cute little chewers

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Dog Baskets For Toys and Doggy Stuff

Believe it or not dogs can be just as messy at kids. I am sure at one time or another you many you have stepped on a squeaky toy in the middle of the night or found a gooey tennis ball wedge in the sofa cushions. I

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5 Must Have Autumn Dog Essentials


With shorter days and crisp nights it’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn has arrived. That means new warm walking boots and comfy jackets for you and these must have autumn dog essentials for your pup. Keeping your pup cozy, comfy and looking good while things

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A Treat Jar Just For Me

treat jar cover

A treat jar just for me is music to my ears! A treat jar filled with treats just for me….even better! So when my peep started making these vintage inspired jars, I just knew I was going to be a lucky pup. Each jar is uniquely designed

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