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4 Apps to Play with Your Pooch

As a proud parent of a beautiful dog, you might already have some apps that are geared toward your dog’s health, activity level and more. While these apps are fantastic ways to keep tabs on how many miles you and your precious pooch are walking each week

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I Want To Be A Wag Cool Tidy Dog

The Tidy Dog

I have a wicker basket full of all my toys and it sits beside our chair in the living room and looks neat and tidy. However without fail every afternoon and evening I like to rummage through it and see what toy I’d like to play with,

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Diesel -A Shelter Dog Story That’s Wag Cool

diesel the shelter dog book

Meet Diesel a shelter dog with an amazing story about how he found his forever home. It’s his true story written by his peep Lisa Brown who researches and finds ways to make dog’s lives better,and shares it on her excellent blog called Dogs N Pawz. Diesel

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