Wag Cool

I Want My Dudley Dog Toy to Snuggle

dudley dog toy

I love my soft toys to snuggle and play with and when I saw this cute little dog, I thought it would be my perfect mate! It comes from the Stretchin’ & Fetchin’™ product line and is by JW Pet. There is actually four different little animals

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Thirsty Milo A Wag Cool Drink on the go

thirsty Milo

Fashion, form and function is the best way to describe Thirsty Milo. A funky and cool way to have a drink of water while you’re out and about! I love the colours on this one, however you can get it in a groovy purple mix too! What’s

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Wag Cool Paws on Canvas

paws on canvas

What a pawsome gift for any pet lover or just for yourself.  A D.I.Y on making a lasting piece of art of your favorite pooch’s paws (or kitties)! The kit has everything you need to make a profession memento of your pets paws worth hanging in your

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Dog Walk? Please lead me with a Dogleesh

Looking for a wagging cool new look on your next dog walk? Want your walking partner to feel comfy while doing it? Then you’re going to want a Dogleesh in your favorite colour on your next walk. This wag cool dog leash is made with heavy-duty nylon

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What makes pet paraphernalia cool?

Describing just what it is that makes something ‘cool’ or not isn’t an easy topic. For every person that thinks something or someone is cool, they’ll be someone else ready to say “are you serious?!” When it comes to your animal though, you’ve got the option to

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Tanner Goods-Wag Cool Dog Travel Bowls

I’m always looking for cool and exciting travel product that have that Wag Cool appeal! So while pawing around the interwebs I stumbled upon Tanner Goods’ Canine bowl. Made of waxed canvas; this collapsible bowl is stylish and is perfect for either water or food. Hand-crafted with

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