Wag Cool

My October Pawsome Box Treat

pawsome box oct cover

 What’s in a Pawsome box this month?  We received the October Pawsome box last month, so lets take a peek! The best thing about doggy subscription boxes is simple, you never know what you might get until you open the box.  Sometimes, you get fantastic things that

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A Wag Cool Barking Rad Review

I just love subscription boxes for dogs, and I was excited that we were going to do a Wag Cool Barking Rad review on their new subscription boxes available for wag cool dogs in the UK. When our September box arrived I was all wags and couldn’t

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A Dog Tag With Wag Cool Personality

dog tag cover

It’s been awhile since I had a dog tag on my collar and I have no idea why. In fact I’ve become a little concerned,  what happens if I got lost? How would someone be able to contact my peep? How would I get home if I

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A Pug Lover’s Dream And Cozy Gift Idea

pug lover gift idea

Some of my best pals are pugs, and I just love their quirky ways.  They’re great to go sniffing around to find something tasty to eat as they are just as passionate about food as I am and not fussy about what they can put in their

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Paw Paws Dog Collar And Lead

paw paws dog collar and lead review

I must say that I love my collars and leads, they’re not just something that’s wrapped around my neck and attached to my peep when we go out. My collars are a little expression of me and my peep. The best thing about collars and leads is

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TooferMe -Lead Me Any Which Way You Choose

tooferme leads in uk

Leads, leads, leads, I love them, and I do have quiet a few. I have leads that can get mucky, fancy leads for going out to visit friends, and leads that are colourful and express my waggly nature.  And now we have just added TooferOne to my

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