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Love Puppy Gift Set – Wagging Sweet

puppy gift set

Puppy Love Nothing brightens up my day more than a gift package just for me, in fact I’ve loved them so much that I decided to make my own for all my wagging friends to enjoy. My Love Puppy Gift Set is just perfect when your looking

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Planet Dog Wag Cool Bamboo Chuck

Planet Dog Bamboo Chuck

My peep is not the best ball thrower and she can’t really throw it very far, so I never get the the chance to have a zooming run to catch my ball. That’s why one of my favorite toys when I’m out walking in the park is

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Oh Doggee…A Wag Cool Way To Carry Poo Bags

Carry a Doggee

I’m always on the search for something cute and functional to carry my poo bags. My peep usually has them stuffed in her handbag and pockets and they seems to fall out always at the wrong time…Can be a bit embarrassing! So while tooling around Crufts she

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Kooldog’s Modern Dog House is Wag Cool

kooldog modern dog house

like having my own personal space, and currently I have my crate that I love, and it has traveled with me from New York, Hong Kong, The UK and Switzerland and will be coming back home with me on my next move. But when I stumbled onto

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Wagging Sculpture from Lazy Dog Gallery

Ceramic English Bull Terrier Puppy Sculpture from Lazy Dog

dogs? Want one that’s house trained and does not need walking or feeding? Love English Bull Terrier Puppies? Well this little ceramic sculpture from Lazy Dog Gallery would look just amazing in your home. Best part is that this handmade stoneware clay has been fired to make

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